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Scroll to traverse the 36,000 acres of the fertile salt pans of Mithapur, and relive every step of an odyssey that is filled with passion, enterprise and a will to succeed.


Kapilram Vakil set up a small unit called Okha Salt Works, in Mithapur, Gujarat.

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Mahatma Gandhi undertook the Dandi March to protest against the salt tax laws. Salt united the nation.

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JRD Tata took over Okha Salt Works. Tata Chemicals was born.

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"Mithapur will only shut down over my dead body", said Darbari Seth, the head of Mithapur plant.

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Goitre crippled the nation by reaching epidemic proportions. Tata Salt launched India's first Iodised Salt.

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Hypertension became a cause for concern across the nation. Tata Salt launched Tata Salt Lite.

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After the Iodisation movement, Tata Salt vowed to make India Iron Strong, with Tata Salt Plus.

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